Baby Weight Predictor


      A Machine Learning-based system to predict the weight of the baby which is going to born by using the various data points from a pregnant lady.

Purpose: Help to arrange better medical care for the child in advance.

Connection to Business: The ntelligent Machine learning model can be easily transformed into a complete software solution and can be provided to hospitals as a service with subscriptions. It can boost the quality of any hospital and save a lot of time and other things by avoiding any emergency treatment.


  • Achieved 94% accuracy, which is fantastic.

  • Successfully deployed on Google Cloud Platform with the model pipeline for contentious training.



  1. Understanding the impact of each feature on the baby’s weight was required a good study on medical content.

  2. Implementation of with-ultrasound and without-ultrasound scenario was a tricky challenge.



  1. Learn the Google Transfer Appliance to handle large data.

  2. ETL Pipelines patterns



  1. I have implemented the main logic of the model

  2. Finalize the complete workflow to deploy the model.


 Data Size:  ~25GB

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