Brain Research Tagging

The Brain Research Tagging Project, a collaboration between NAMI Montana and Montana State University (MSU). The project was developed by Dr. Indika Kahanda and Shriyansh Kothari of Montana State University with Matt Kuntz of NAMI Montana.

We're excited to offer you a great way to learn about cutting edge brain science while helping to build a comprehensive brain research database that will help illuminate the current status of brain research and potential future research areas. The Brain Research Tagging Project involves "tagging," or classifying, current brain research articles based upon the National Institute of Mental Health's Research Domain Criteria. This is a great active learning method to allow anyone to engage with and learn from a massive curated collection of brain science research articles.

Each article a reviewer "tags" builds and strengthens the brain science review database and the machine learning tools used to analyze the database. We can't wait to see what kind insights will be revealed by this combination of brain science education, crowdsourcing and machine learning. Thanks for being part of this critical effort!

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