In this series, we have a lot of things to cover and I am going to fit everything related to Cython.So let’s get into it.We will discuss, Why should we explore Cython? And What it is actually?How it can be used? So lets try to find answers to these questions.

Why Cython?

As Python is an interpreted programming language, it is much slower than a number of compiled programming languages like C and C++. Many programmers opt for various supersets of Python programming languages to accelerate code execution speed.

There are different tools to speed up code execution like Numpy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn. But all of these make improvements within the state of Python. Another option to achieve better performance is to compile the Python to C-level. So, here’s Cython comes into the place.

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It is battle-tested in real-world environments and it continues to innovate to provide a better performance, greater ease of use, and better coverage of new Python features. Cython helps programmers to boost the performance of code with C-like performance. The developers can load and use the extension modules directly in the Python code through the import statement.

Cython blends Python with the static type system of C/C++. It is also a compiler that translates source code into efficient C/C++ source code. This source code can then be compiled into a Python extension module or a stand-alone executable.

Cython comes from a Python frame of mind. It is a superset of Python language, so it basically mean that it acts as a bridge between Python and C/C++. In addition to being a superset of Python, Cython is also written in Python. It is designed as a C-extension for Python to compile Python code to C/C++ code. Hence, both Python and Cython programs implement the same algorithms. The developers can further embed the CPython extension modules generated by Cython in Python code through the import statements.

In this series we will discuss the introduction to Cython. Where we come to understand how   Cython can speed up Python by several orders of magnitude and how beneficial it is.

After that you will learn about compiling and running Cython code. Where we get you up and running so you can use Cython in your projects.

And then we will learn about wrapping C/C++ libraries with Cython where we go down the rabbit hole of interfacing with C++, and see how Cython makes easy things simple and hard things possible. At the end you will be able to learn Parallel programming with Cython and its context.

But how can we use Cython? That’s what this video series is all about, so stay tuned, be connected, we will add regularly new videos to answer this question, that’s it for now.


Dec. 29, 2021
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